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The LineWorld Series is an ongoing games project by Jared Johnson. LineWorlds are all developed in a home-made vector engine created with Game Maker. The only consistent rule of the LineWorld Universe is that everything be made of lines. A LineWorld game can be a platformer, top down flyer, or even a point and click adventure. The Music of LineWorld is collaged across levels creating a transforming musical experience that follows progression in the game. In the premiere game LineWorld:the First Story the protaganist is a small walking house that travels around several distinct levels. This introductory challenge serves as a proof of concept with dialogue from the developer of LineWorld.

If you have any ideas or want further information about Lineworld
Please email me at jaredemjohnson@gmail.com


Lineworld- the First Story.exe 5 MB
Lineworld- the First Story.zip 6 MB

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